Blogging101: Dream Reader Assignment

Dream Reader- Who are you?

I haven’t thought too much about this question and it seems to give me some writer’s block.  Whoever you are I hope to inspire you.  The great thing about food and wine is how it can reach so many people; across socioeconomic statuses, cultures, and all over the world.  A good meal needs no words. It grabs your attention with its presentation and aromas before you even taste it.  In my writings, I hope you learn to embrace food and wine.  Try something new and get adventurous.  

My daughter at her culinary competition when she was in high school.  She will probably be mad at these pictures and send me new ones right away from college but I still can’t believe at the talent of young chefs these days.  I hope that she would say I inspired her to start cooking.  At a young age I would give my children grown up and different types of food.  They always had to at least try it even when they thought they wouldn’t like it.  That probably comes from my dad and mom who wouldn’t make us kids a different plate and we had to eat everything or it would be saved for the next meal.

My daughter at a culinary competition.

My daughter at a culinary competition.



2 thoughts on “Blogging101: Dream Reader Assignment

  1. It is funny how different “food” is now. When I was a kid mac and cheese was the best, now kids know about risotto and other gourmet goodies, and cook them too. Not sure if there is more appreciation for food now but I love it.


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