How to enjoy new restaurants on a budget

If you are like me you are living on a budget that doesn’t necessarily allow you the luxury to eat out a lot.  This is even compounded when you have children and either have to bring them with you or find a babysitter.  When I first moved to Omaha a friend turned me onto some sites where you can get great deals on restaurants and more.  If you haven’t heard of them or haven’t checked them out yet then do it now!!! (maybe there is a local version near you)

All three sites will give you deals around your area.  I have enjoyed many discounts and have given them to others.  This is a great way to try that new trendy place that you may otherwise pass up.  It is an added bonus when one of my favorite places show up with a discount deal.

Going on vacation?  Look to see if any deals are happening wherever you are going.

Always be courteous and remember to tip your server on the full value.  I also like to give my server my voucher before the ticket arrives.  One last tip..if you have any questions as to what the voucher entails please ask your server before the meal.

I am off to find my newest deal so hubby and I can enjoy a meal without cooking!!



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