Le Peep

Today my son had off from school due to parent-teacher conferences, so I treated him to a special mommy-son breakfast out.  We decided on Le Peep located at North 155th Plaza in Omaha.  We have been a few times before I started this blog.  The staff is always friendly and the atmosphere is very inviting inside.  You feel like you are at someone’s house rather than a restaurant.  I particular love the art on the walls that you can purchase if so inclined.

The weekends are particularly busy so you may want to plan ahead if you are deciding to go at this time.  Besides just a dining establishment for breakfast or lunch, Le Peep offers a to go drink bar with all kinds of special coffee drinks, hot chocolate and more. The menu offers something for everyone from crepes, skillets, benedicts, and all your regular breakfast fare to a wide variety of lunch items .

My all-time favorite breakfast is eggs benedict.  That being said I am very picky about my eggs benedict.  I understand just how difficult this dish can be to tackle from the perfect hollandaise sauce and the poached eggs being the perfect consistency. My husband, being the great guy he is, has been perfecting this dish and makes it for me on special and not so special occasions.  I suppose he loves me.  Anyways, I always get nervous when I order as I am usually disappointed.

On another visit I ordered the traditional eggs benedict and the poached eggs came out hard.  When I told the waitress she stated that is how they make them there, but did offer to have them re-done.  Now, I understand that some may like their poached eggs hard, but traditionally poached eggs should be a soft pillow that when you cut into it the velvety yolk spreads across your dish.  Okay so onto today:  I ordered the farmers benedict.  This benedict dish is a sausage patty on an English muffin, a poached egg and covered with sausage gravy.  I made sure to order my poached eggs SOFT.  As soon as the dish came out I could tell the eggs were not soft.  There was no movement and a slight touch to the egg was hard.  When I cut into the eggs they were medium – hard yolk.  The yolk was hard around the outside edges and the middle was more of a gel with very little if any liquid yolk.  I was again disappointed but choose not to tell the waitress this time. My other issue with this dish was the lack of country gravy.  There was less than a tablespoon  on the dish and what was there was very a very thin consistency.  Needless to say, I did not enjoy the farmers benedict.  It does give me a great idea to make at home though.

My son ordered the funny face pancake which of course he loved, along with a hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate came with a mountain of whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Do I recommend Le Peep?  Yes, I still would recommend and have enjoyed other dishes.  Word to the wise if you are ordering any of the four benedicts is to tell the waitress how you want it cooked.  It is tough to find a place that makes a good egg benedict and is consistent.


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