Blatt Beer and Table

Blatt Beer and Table opened a new location in West Omaha at the Shops of Legacy.  We have enjoyed all the food we tried and Brendan loves to go for the shuffle board.  The only problem is it is a small place!  We have visited this location twice and both times it was packed and hard to find a seat.  We stopped by a couple other times but couldn’t get a seat.  I am confident if they were able to expand they would do great.

On our first visit we were pleasantly surprised that it was Happy Hour.  They do have some great happy hour drink and food specials.  Happy Hour hours are M-Sat 3- 6:30; Sun noon- 8 pm; and a reverse happy hour Fri/ Sat 9:30- 11:30 pm.  We tried the recommended Char-Fried Chicken Wings in both the Sriracha and Blatt BBQ sauce.  If you are a chicken wings fan these will not disappoint.  Brendan loves pretzels (what kid doesn’t) so we also tried the Bavarian Pretzel with German rosemary mustard and Gruyere fondue.  An excellent snack.  Brendan wasn’t as impressed with dad’s order of chicharones but they were served in a small paper bag and for the price an excellent bar snack with one of the many beer offerings.

On our last visit we wanted to try something new.  IMG_3230I decided on the Salmon Gravlox BLT with salt and vinegar chips.  If you are looking for something different you must try this.  The coriander cured Scottish salmon was refreshing and this BLT was served on mini pretzel rolls.  I am a salt and vinegar lover and these chips were addicting!  I was trying to figure what they used to make the salt-vinegar “dust” as it reminds me of using liquid nitrogen but I doubt that is it.

Paul decided to try the Grilled Mix Sausage on a Stick.  It had jalapeno polish sausage, kielbasa, beer braised brat, and knockwurst served with braised kraut and potato salad.  Paul said it was very good but I think the highlight was the braised sauerkraut.  It was fresh and had a crunch.  This was another recommended dish by our server and it was one to please.


Blatt’s serves a smoky tomato ketchup that is served on the side.  I know the secret to this awesome ketchup but I am not going to repeat here.  I was telling my server how great it was and he said a lot of customers ask how to make it but they are not allowed to tell.  I told him how I would do it and he said he can’t lie since I got it right….but I won’t spill the secret  🙂

Brendan’s kid version of chicken strips was a substantial size.  The ketchup served with his dish was not the smoked version so I am assuming they have regular and the smoked version available for customers. On the previous visit, Brendan tried the fish and chips which were light and flaky.  The coating was perfect and they have malt vinegar!!! Which for me is a big plus.

We hope to enjoy more from Blatt but as mentioned due to the size it is hard sometimes to get a seat. I should mention the servers are friendly, knowledgeable about the food and the drinks, make great recommendations and are attentive.



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