Granite City Food and Brewery

Granite City Food and Brewery is a relatively new establishment in Omaha.  A friend had mentioned her and her husband had gone and enjoyed it so we decided to check it out.  Granite City is located in 13 states and has 30 restaurants.  We like sitting in the bar area  where we can sit back in the booths in view of sports on the TVs.  All the handcrafted brews are excellent and if you enjoy a great beer you need to sign up for their mug club.

On our first visit, the manager gave us fresh-baked cookies to take home and a discount on a future visit.  Since registering my mug club card I have received several discount coupons for visits and my birthday.  We usually go on the weekend when we are out running errands.  The best part is they have a happy hour on Sat- Sun from noon- 5 pm.  If you want a snack this a great time to come.  Other happy hour hours are M-F 3- 6 pm and a reverse happy hour every day from 9 pm- close.  Two of our favorite happy hour snacks are the Edamame and Maple Pepper Bacon Flatbread.

photo (2)  untitled (7)

We were surprised by the amount of Edamame we received for $4.00!  On the kids menu the pepperoni flatbread was the same size as the regular flatbreads.

untitled (6)One thing to note is the lunch burgers are only a 1/4 lb versus the 1/2 lb dinner burgers.  I was a little disappointed in this when I order the lunch Blue Peppercorn Burger.  It was very tasty, but if I had realized how small it was I would have ordered the dinner portion.  Now, the menu does say on the lunch that it is a 1/4 lb but the connection didn’t really click.

On this visit, Brendan decided to get the mini corn dogs and fries.  It is your typical kids corn dogs and fries but I think they could do something more with the plating of it as it just looks like it was thrown on the plate.    Maybe if they tried different plates the burger and corndogs wouldn’t look so plain.


untitled (8)

We hope to try some more of the food.  The menu is quite extensive with many types of offerings.  Sometimes, when a menu is too big I get worried that some dishes and presentation are sacrificed.  Nevertheless, we will continue to frequent Granite City  on the weekends to enjoy some edamame, flatbread and a great Beer or two.


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