Andrea’s Family Restaurant

Andrea’s Family Restaurant in Winter Haven Florida is Mediterranean-Greek inspired.  It is very casual family oriented.  We went on a Friday late morning and it was about 80% full.  My friend said whenever he goes into a restaurant he looks at the overhead vents to make sure they are clean..they were.  The waitress overhead him and said they clean all the time even moving the tables and cleaning the walls.  The restaurant was in fact very clean.


I had the Greek Omelet with potatoes and a biscuit along with a side of country gravy.  The      omelet had feta cheese, red onions, and tomato.  The serving size is enough to feed two people.  It looks like the omelets are at least 3 eggs.  My omelet ingredients were fresh  and mixed thoroughly into the eggs.  The seasoning on the potatoes were perfect not too salty or bland. I didn’t even need to use ketchup.  The country gravy was your basic gravy.  Nothing to rave about but no complaints either.

The omelet was under $7.00 and the side of gravy under $3.00.


andreas_1 Jim ordered the Rosemary chicken omelet with hash browns and toast.  It had big chunks of     chicken and fresh mushrooms.  You could tell the eggs were cooked on a flat griddle then the ingredients folded in separately.  This was different than my omelet where the ingredients were mixed into the eggs. He said it was good but could use cheese to bring it all together.  I would agree as I think omelets need cheese to bind everything. Of course, I love cheese and think everything is better with it.

As you can see we did not leave hungry!  Our two meals cost under $20.00.  I would highly recommend Andrea’s for breakfast.


Andrea’s is located at 1498 Havendale Blvd in Winter Haven Florida.


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