First Watch- The Daytime Cafe


First Watch is breakfast-lunch restaurant open from 7 am – 2:30 pm.  My dad and I went to one located at 13200 Seminole Blvd in Largo Florida.  First Watch has 100 restaurants located in 13 states.  They have a lot of healthy options and traditional breakfast items to satisfy everyone’s dietary needs.  The décor is very open and bright.  Being in Florida you can also choose to dine on the outside patio.  The had a community table available that was nice if you don’t mind sitting amongst others.

first watch_1 first watch_2

Dad and I decided to jump start our day with specials from their fresh juice bar, the kale tonic and day glow ($3.99 each).  The kale tonic I ordered was Fuji apple, kale, cucumber and lemon.  It was very refreshing.  You could taste each ingredients in order as you drank it.  At first I tasted the tart Fuji apple with a hint of kale, then the freshness of a cucumber finishing with the lemon.  I highly recommend this.  My dad tried the day glow which was made with carrot, orange, lemon and organic ginger.  He described it as I did where you could taste the individual ingredients.  Our server mentioned she wasn’t a ginger fan so didn’t care for the day glow but dad said the ginger wasn’t overwhelming.

healthy drinks

If you have read some of my other posts you will not be surprised that I ordered the eggs benedict.  They actually had a traditional, a Florentine and a special salmon benedict.  I decided to stick with the “healthy” theme and go with the Florentine.  I made sure to ask the server how they cook the poached eggs which see said they are slightly runny.  I was not disappointed!

eggs benedict


The Florentine eggs benedict ($9.39) came with fresh spinach, avocado, and tomato.  First I need to say the eggs were cooked to a medium poach where the yolk ran out when cut into.  The dish definitely didn’t skimp on the spinach and avocado.  The spinach was fresh and was like a mini spinach salad, also it came with 4 quarters of avocado.  The eggs came with a side of potatoes and fresh fruit salad.  I really enjoyed that their fruit salad was fresh consisting of pineapple, grapes, strawberries, and melon.  If I had to point out one ‘complaint’ it would be that the avocados were brown and bruised.  For someone like me who knows that it is just the oxidation of the avocado it is fine, but….if someone saw it who doesn’t know that they may be turned off.



scrambleDad got the breakfast scramble ($8.39):  fresh, scrambled cage-free eggs, spinach, ham, and melted cheddar and monterey jack on multigrain bread.  Topped with hollandaise sauce.  Since there wasn’t a crumb left on his plate I have to say it must of been tasty.  The eggs were not overly scrambled and the ingredients were abundantly mixed throughout.  I really like that they used obviously fresh ingredients and you are not “looking” for the ingredients.  You are getting your money’s worth.

The servers that we met were very friendly and accommodating.  The restaurant was very busy but I would expect that on a Saturday morning.  It was so good we recommended it to my stepmom’s weight watchers group for Sunday. They enjoyed it too and said it was busy but enjoyed the outside patio.  They even partook in the jump starting drinks.  The website has a nutritional value page of its menu items but did have the kale tonic or day glow on it which for those needing to calculate points or calories would need.  The server couldn’t help them out either with how the drinks are actually made.  I would recommend that all servers should know if the special drinks are made from concentrates or freshly pressed and know the nutritional value or at least place it on the displays.

If you have a First Watch near you—you need to go!  You will not leave hungry and leave happy feeling good.


2 thoughts on “First Watch- The Daytime Cafe

  1. I visited a First Watch Cafe a couple of weeks ago while in Nebraska and you are so right about the Kale tonic. I was just blown away by the taste on my first visit that I had to go back the next day and enticed a couple of friends to try it.


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