Addy’s Sports Bar & Grill

Monday is Soccer night and unless we have something in the crockpot at home waiting for us then typically it is also eating out night. We rarely venture out on this side of town so I decided to see what was near the soccer place.  Low and behold 2 miles away was Addy’s Sports Bar.  They are supposed to have great wings according to Best of Omaha and we all know I LOVE my wings.

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Addy’s is located at 14110 S St in Omaha.  The website says it is the home of the bowl of beer.  No we did not try it , but we just happen to hit the end of happy hour and was able to get a pitcher.  They have a lot of draft beer selections and a wide variety.  I was impressed with the selection and that we could get a pitcher.  Addy’s is a very open concept and can accommodate a large number of guests, it was also very clean.  As you enter you definitely get the sports bar feel with all the TV’s and a selection of games.  Of course, Brendan was happy that they had Big Buck Hunting, Golden Tee, electronic darts and pool.   He has never played pool so that was interesting watching dad try to teach him.  I was happy with just the Keno.  Didn’t win but maybe next time.  The most unique thing about Addy’s is the PGA golf simulator area.  While we were there we saw several people come in with clubs and at first thought they were just bringing them rather than leaving them in their vehicles.  I didn’t look at it closely but could tell there were at least 3-4 bays and the graphics in one that I could see were phenomenal.  If I golfed or knew golfers I would bring them here.

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Brendan and Paul

Brendan and Paul

Our server was excellent.  She was friendly and personable.  She explained it was wing night….guess I planned this right!  We decided to try 10 Hot char-buffed and 10 Asian.  We also ordered some fried pickles to start.  The pickles were rounds with a light batter.  The wings were excellent and I would put them amongst some of my favorites and would get them again.  The Asian was very similar to the Asian Zing at Buffalo Wild Wings which although very good and one I order frequently I would of liked to see something that wasn’t so close to a competitors.  The Hot was a tabasco based sauce and very classic.  The wings came with celery and a substantial amount of ranch/blue cheese. I do not recall if our server asked us if we wanted the ranch/ blue cheese but I did notice on the bill it was an additional charge.  Since we ordered two different types of wings each came with the 2 sauces and we were charge twice for the sauces.

Brendan ordered the kids cheeseburger with steak fries.   The kids menu had 5 selections each for $4.95. Either he was hungry or he actually enjoyed his meal because he ate the whole thing. Actually, the burger looked really good so Paul and I decided to split our own burger.  We ordered the 1/2 pound cheeseburger with steak fries ($7.95).  The burger came with lettuce, tomato and onion and was char-grilled.  We were not asked how we would like it cooked and it came out medium.  It was a very satisfying burger.  I really do enjoy that char-grilled taste on my burgers.  The patties did seem to be pre-made and possibly store bought versus handmade however still very good.  The steak fries were tasty and I had to finish all of them.

The menu offers something for everyone and was not overly extensive.  They have different daily specials and happy hour deals.  If you haven’t checked out Addy’s yet and want a nice sports bar to go to I highly recommend it.  For a Monday night it was approximately 80% full around 6:45- 8:00 pm.


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