The Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail in Omaha is your typical neighborhood gathering place located at 142 Pierce Plaza (located in same area as Dunkin Donuts).  I would describe it as rustic.  The interior could use a makeover but that is just aesthetics.  They offer a lot of  food and bar specials along with weekly events.  Check out their webpage for more information.

I don’t know if they know how to make a “Rusty Nail” (Scotch and Drambuie) but if you want a cold beer they definitely have that.  Our bartender, Amy, was very friendly.  It appears that a lot of the patrons were regulars as Amy knew them.  The Rusty Nail has an outdoor patio for those that need a smoke break or a bit of fresh air.  We stopped in for a couple beers and a snack.  They only have 4 draft beers but more beers in the bottle and a full liquor bar.  Oh and I got to play a little Keno too.  Made back all but $4.00- not to bad.

We decided to share a cheeseburger and fries:

7078299(photos from their website but the burger was exactly as depicted)

When our burger came out it was already split for us on two separate plate each with its own lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles and generous amount of fries.  We didn’t ask for this so this was outstanding customer service!!  I was very impressed. The burger appeared to be hand formed and seemed like a 1/2 lb.  We were not asked how we like it cooked but it came out a perfect medium with just the slightest of pink.  It was juicy and seasoned well.  The fries I could eat again and again.  There is nothing better than hand cut fries and I would bet they double fry them for the perfect texture.  I haven’t tried any of the other food but I will be back for their burger and fries.

The one suggestion I would make for the Rusty Nail is to have a signature drink menu….obviously a Rusty Nail has to be on there, but for some reason I picture a signature Bloody Mary.  I tried there Bloody Mary and it was ok. I did like the fact it was served in a mason jar and Amy asked if I wanted salt around the rim, but they used a mix.  I want to see a homemade Bloody Mary (can’t give away my recipe…saving that although I may give another version in another post) or at least give the customer the condiments to add.

Anyways, check out The Rusty Nail’s website and pay them a visit.  You won’t be sorry —this may be your new neighborhood bar.





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