Big Fred’s Pizza and Restaraunt

Big Fred’s Pizza located at 1101 S. 119th St in Omaha has been family run since 1965.  I had heard a lot about Big Fred’s when I first moved to Omaha and didn’t know what to expect.  Big Fred’s is like walking back in time to the 1970’s.  It is very family oriented and a friendly place.  You can sit back and have a good quality meal.  I just love restaurants with a bit of nostalgia, as it adds to the experience.

I admit I haven’t tried much other than the pizza, wings, salad and beer but what else is needed?  They do have other selections and I know people go there for the pasta selections, sandwiches and prime rib too.  The pizza is ‘home-style’.  Living around the country I have noticed differences in pizza.  I am a fan of traditional to thin crust pizza.  Big Fred’s pizza is what I would call a traditional crust.  It is square cut which I have always found odd but to each their own.  The one thing I have noticed about “Omaha Pizza” is the cheese is on top.  The problem with this style—the toppings slide off!!  I don’t know about you but there should be some cheese on the base to hold the toppings to the crust.  You don’t have to worry about them skimping on your favorite toppings…that is definitely a plus in my book.  The one thing I wish they would change…use fresh mushrooms.  Unfortunately, they use canned mushrooms which maybe is part of the nostalgia but I am not a fan.


Their house salad dressing is delicious and the perfect balance.  The salad is a simple no frills mix, but is usually over dressed; ask for the dressing on the side.  If you enjoy the salad dressing you can purchase it at the store or at the restaurant.

The wings are a traditional tabasco vinegar based hot sauce.  They come as a baker’s dozen and are a large size.  If you are craving a basic hot wing with no crazy sauce choices these are perfect for you.

If you are looking for a low key place to take the family, watch the latest sporting event or just to have a good reasonable meal come to one of Omaha’s landmark restaurants.


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