Omaha Tap House

Omaha Tap House, is located at 1403 Farnam St in Omaha Nebraska.  They do have a lot of beer offerings and advertise that they rotate frequently however on the day we went a lot of the draft beer were IPAs, darker beers or the more common offerings.  All that being said my hubby was satisfied while I ordered a Bloody Mary.  What I look for at a “tap house” are a variety of beers and from breweries that one doesn’t normally see.

OTH bloody mary

The Bloody Mary was excellent and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a Spicy Bloody Mary.  It may be too spicy for the average customer, but I applaud bars that make a “special” Bloody Mary.  As you can see it comes garnished with lemon, lime, pickle, olives, celery and a salted rim.

I didn’t order but they also have a Bloody Mary that comes with a mini- burger on it!!

It wasn’t too busy but it took quite a while after we ordered our drinks for them to arrive, about 15 minutes.

Onto the most important part, the FOOD.  Omaha Tap House states they are a gastropub.  If I was to rate it on being a gastropub I would have to say they failed.  Their focus is on burgers and sandwiches and while very good it is not on the level of what would be served at a gastropub. We decided to start with some raspberry inferno wings since I can never say no to wings.  The wings ended up coming out the same time as our food order.

OTP wings

The wings didn’t come with any dipping sauce and we were not offered any.  The presentation ordinary and uninviting.  We expected the sauce to be sweet from the raspberry with that burn on the back end.  We could not detect any sweetness or raspberry flavor at all.  The wings just had a hot taste and were a tad bit overcooked and dry.  There was nothing special about the wings and unless I was just wanting a bar snack I probably wouldn’t order again.

Paul order the Popper Burger, $10.99, with a side of the beer cheese dipping sauce, $1.69.  I settled on the Steak Cheese Mushroom Sandwich, $10.99, that my server said was his favorite.

OTP burger The Popper burger came with  jalapenos, a jalapeno jam, cream cheese and brown sugar bacon.  He wasn’t asked how he wanted it cooked but it came out medium- medium well.  Personally, I am not a fan of shredded lettuce on a burger but Paul thoroughly enjoyed the sandwich.  He wasn’t expecting fresh jalapenos but was pleasantly surprised.  The beer cheese dipping sauce was okay but not worth the extra $ for the amount received.

The Steak Cheese Mushroom sandwich was served on a soft toasted hoagie roll. The steak was seasoned well and was very tender, but I was disappointed in the mushrooms.  You could barely find or see them and those that were there were over sautéed.  For the price, I expected more in this sandwich.  The steak used was excellent but the downfall was the mushrooms.  If they had more mushrooms that you could see and not over sautéed it would add a lot more to this sandwich.

The fries were seasoned and cooked well; a nice crunch with a soft center.  The fry basket to serve the fries was a nice touch but in my opinion combined with the metal tray covered in paper made the overall look too casual.  It also didn’t jive with presentation of the wings.  Using the fry basket with a different plating or keeping the tray with a different vessel for the fries would enhance the overall atmosphere.  It seemed mismatched and although the two ideas are great on their own together it doesn’t work.

Overall the food was good but the prices were a little high.  The menus were worn and dirty and the bathrooms were in need of some major upkeep.  A gastropub it is not but if you are looking for a place to have some beers with a wide selection of specialty burgers then check out Omaha Tap House.

OTH steak cheese


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