The Rusty Nail….take 2

I wrote a review of the Rusty Nail in Omaha back on March 11th.  I always like to give a restaurant a few chances if the first experience wasn’t up to par as let’s face it we are all humans.  Maybe it was a bad day for the chef, waitress or other staff.  My first write up was a very positive one but unfortunately this one wasn’t the same.

It was a Sunday and I was craving one of the delicious burgers.  To my dismay they do not serve any food on Sunday.  It does mention it on their website however their signage does advertise food it is disappointing to come in and not find any.  When I was there I witnessed several other patrons and tables ask for food too.  Possibly, they have one cook who needs a day off but they may want to reconsider that as they could be losing business.  In addition, to the no food on Sundays the service was subpar.  It appeared the server and bartender was more interested in a poker game in the backroom and setting up for an employees party.  I witnessed the bartender asking another employee (who was there awaiting for the party) where the waitress was as her table had been waiting for a check.  Apparently, she was in the back playing poker and asked the bartender to take care of it. No one had checked on that table for approximately 30-45 minutes.  The bartender also did not use an ice scoop and used the actual glass.  I hope this is not the norm and employees no better than that.  If this wasn’t enough the bartender and off duty employee were vocally complaining about their management and other employees.  Employees should realize that they never know who is around.  Thankfully, my first experience was a pleasant one.  I would go back there for the food and since it is near my home but probably not on a Sunday again.


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