Fennel Bok Choy Pasta

The one thing I love about cooking is being able to come up with a meal out of nothing and being able to use what is left in the fridge….waste not.  Looking through the fridge I came up with a 1/2 bulb of fennel, some bok choy, 2 Italian sausages, and about a cup of leftover cooked spaghetti.

Take the casing off of the sausages and cook in about 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil- breaking up the sausage.  Cut up the fennel and bok choy and add to the cooked sausage.  I added some fresh cracked pepper, 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning and a couple shakes of red pepper flakes.  Let cook about 3 minutes then I added about 1 teaspoon of soy sauce for salt.  Lastly, I added about 1 cup of leftover white wine and the pasta.  Stir until heated and enjoy!  Nothing went to waste and actually it was probably enough for 2 people.




Bertha’s Mussels

When in Baltimore Maryland…Seafood is on the top of the food must haves. The week I was there I think I had seafood everyday, especially crab.  Bertha’s Mussels is in Fell’s Point.  Fell’s Point is a quaint cobblestone waterfront neighborhood.  Definitely, a place to go if in the area.

You would think I had to get mussels at a restaurant called Bertha’s Mussels- but I didn’t.  Bertha’s does have several mussel preparations to curb all palates.  I just couldn’t resist the special raw oysters for an appetizer.  Living in the Midwest, when I can get some good raw oysters I need to take advantage.

For my entrée I opted for the Clams, Calamari and Linguini.  The linguini was sautéed in white wine with mushrooms and tomatoes.  The littleneck clams and calamari were perfectly tender.  Bertha’s also had a nice selection of craft beer.  Check out their menu here.


 Restaurant Hours

Sun-Thu 11AM-10PM
Fri-Sat 11AM-11PM
Bar Open ’til 2AM


Brother Sebastian’s- Omaha


On our bucket list of restaurants to try in Omaha Nebraska was Brother Sebastian’s Steak House and Winery.  One Friday night, we had a last minute overnight for Brendan.  No child…so we had to take advantage.  Of course, trying to get into anywhere Friday or Saturday night without a reservation can be challenging.  On our side was a winter storm warning.  We called Brother Sebastian’s around 6 pm and was able to get a reservation for 7:30 pm.  We decided that was ok since we would have a drink at the bar first.

Upon walking toward the front door you are welcomed by the faint Gregorian chants which will immediately transport you into what awaits.  The ambience is great.  The music, dim lighting and various dining alcoves will make your time there intimate.  I have read some reviews that stated they would like more light.  On the night we went it was just enough, without being too dark or too light.

The actual bar was small but there was other bar area seating for those waiting for a table.  This area could do with a renovation to accommodate more of those waiting, although the fireplace does make it a cozy spot- if you can gain the table near it.


The only bartender was busy waiting on her customers and the waitresses.  Working part-time as a bartender myself and having been a bar manager, I appreciated her hard work.  She was constantly busy and no-nonsense. Taking orders, cleaning and serving customers. My only complaint– she never smiled and barely made eye contact with her customers.  I understand busy but a smile or some type of small talk goes a long way!

The Wine List is fabulous!  If you like wine you should be able to find something you will enjoy.  I chose a Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and was not disappointed.

The dining areas are set in different themed rooms which makes each dining experience unique.  They have rooms filled with casks, books, stained glass and no shortage of fireplaces.  The atmosphere is very inviting and relaxing.

sebastians hallway sebstians casksebastians2

Onto the food.  The Dinner Menu is comprehensive, but we knew we were going to get some type of red meat but what kind?  It was quickly narrowed to Prime rib or Chateaubriand.  I asked the waiter between our two choices.  He really pushed the prime rib, but then offered he doesn’t like serving the Chateaubriand because it takes too long for tableside service.  Then says well it isn’t too busy so it is ok if you order it.  Really???

On my food bucket list is Chateaubriand and Beef Wellington….so Chateaubriand it is.  What is Chateaubriand you ask?  It is a thick center cut tenderloin filet typically served with carrots, pearled onions, potatoes and a sauce.

Brother Sebastian’s version was not your typical Chateaubriand.  The meat itself was tender and mouthwatering.  I didn’t understand why the new potatoes were fried and it also came with onion rings.  The asparagus was tiny and overcooked and the carrots were simply the baby carrots you get from a bulk bag.  I expected a little finesse considering the price.  The salad bar was not impressive either.  Very, very basic and nothing note worthy.  What was I expecting?  Definitely not FRIED food.  Larger asparagus cooked properly and whole baby carrots that are freshly peeled and still have the tops.  Not worth $60.00.  We were not asked if we wanted dessert by our waiter and he barely checked on us throughout the meal.

Would I go back?  Yes.  I loved the atmosphere and I would try something else on the menu. Hopefully, we will get better service.