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Do you love food and wine?  Well I do and I am ready to share that with you.  So who am I?  I am not a chef and do not have any formal culinary training, nor am I even close to being a sommelier but that doesn’t stop my desire to seek out great food and libations. My goal is to provide fair reviews of restaurants, tasty treats, and wines.  I often read reviews from critics who cannot enjoy a blue plate special for what it is or from someone who doesn’t understand what an amuse-bouche is.  There is nothing better than a plate of delicious food, whether fine dining or comfort food to bring people together.  In addition, I will post my own culinary creations and tips from the kitchen.

My daughter is attending culinary school at Johnson & Wales in Charlotte North Carolina and continues to fuel my passion.  It is nice when she comes home and wants mom’s home cooking.  She is always amazed how I can make a “gourmet” meal out of nothing or can make an actual gourmet meal without the “recipe” .  She does take credit for teaching me the proper way on some techniques.

I should mention this is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me as I figure this out.  I was born in Alaska and spent my childhood summers there learning Alaskan and Filipino recipes from my mom’s family.  I grew up in Dartmouth Massachusetts where my dad’s family was living so I am a New England girl at heart and lover of all seafood!!!  My dad was a cook in the Coast Guard and taught me how to be resourceful in the kitchen.  His family is English so I was able to learn some home recipes from my grandmother-  love her glazed lemon bread and my aunt’s whoopee pies.   Dartmouth Massachusetts has a prominent Portuguese culture which also adds to my culinary upbringing.


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