Blogging101: Dream Reader Assignment

Dream Reader- Who are you?

I haven’t thought too much about this question and it seems to give me some writer’s block.  Whoever you are I hope to inspire you.  The great thing about food and wine is how it can reach so many people; across socioeconomic statuses, cultures, and all over the world.  A good meal needs no words. It grabs your attention with its presentation and aromas before you even taste it.  In my writings, I hope you learn to embrace food and wine.  Try something new and get adventurous.  

My daughter at her culinary competition when she was in high school.  She will probably be mad at these pictures and send me new ones right away from college but I still can’t believe at the talent of young chefs these days.  I hope that she would say I inspired her to start cooking.  At a young age I would give my children grown up and different types of food.  They always had to at least try it even when they thought they wouldn’t like it.  That probably comes from my dad and mom who wouldn’t make us kids a different plate and we had to eat everything or it would be saved for the next meal.

My daughter at a culinary competition.

My daughter at a culinary competition.



Blogging 101: Introduce yourself

Welcome everyone!  This is my first time blogging so pardon my appearance as I learn the ropes.  To learn more about me check my ABOUT page.  I am doing the Blogging 101 to  hopefully help teach me how to use all the tools and make this a success.  It is great to see so many helpful fellow bloggers who are willing to help and share their worlds and thoughts.  I am excited for this opportunity.

My blog is about all types of food and wine.  Currently, I am living in Omaha Nebraska so a lot of the restaurant reviews will come from that area but I do travel frequently and always look for the local establishments.  I am an adventurous eater so I am sure you won’t get bored with my restaurant choices, in fact you may feel like you are taking a tour of the world.  A fun fact about me…ok may not too fun but a couple years ago I had a major food allergy attack.  I have never had food allergies so this was quite frightening.  Unfortunately, I was eating a buffet at a Nepali restaurant so who knows what I ate.  Since then I have had several attacks of various intensities while eating all types of food from seafood to chicken wings to sushi.  I have all types of skin and blood testing done and no answers.  Recently, I did some reading on histamine intolerances.  I think this may be it as it seems certain foods are known to have high histamine or are histamine releasers.  Basically, I can have a reaction when too much histamine is in my system which would explain why it seems to have no rhyme or reason to a type of food or severity of the reaction.   In the meantime, I will continue to eat everything.  My husband and daughter are always making sure I have Benadryl and my Epi-pen.

My favorite food is seafood.  It shouldn’t be a surprise since I spent my summers in Alaska and I grew up in Massachusetts.  Steamers (soft shelled clams) are my all time favorite that I cannot pass up if I see it on a menu.  I have been at establishments who were shocked how may I could eat.  One order is never enough.  There is only one seafood item I have tried that I really don’t think I will partake in again….the giant clam at a sushi bar.  My girlfriend, her husband and I were enjoying happy hour at a sushi restaurant in Wichita Kansas.  Before you say it…yes I did say sushi in Kansas.  Anyways, I had turned them onto steamers when they went to Cape Cod for their honeymoon.  When we saw the giant clam on the menu we thought said, “Yes, we have to have those.  We love steamers so the giant clam has to be good”.  Kyle tried it first and gave us a thumbs up so we plopped them into our mouth.  All I can say is that the giant clam is not succulent and creamy like a steamer.  We all looked at each other with big eyes trying to just swallow what we just put into our mouths.  It felt like it was expanding in our mouth.  Needless to say I will not try that again.

Onto wines.  I do not believe in just drinking white with seafood/ chicken and red with a steak.  Drink what you like.  I will agree though that certain wine-food pairings are delightful and do enhance one another.  My favorite wine is a bold Amarone but that is my sipping special wine.  Trying new wines is always fun and even better when you find that special bottle at a great price!  Besides drinking the wine I cook a lot with wine especially if I have left over wine or a bottle that was not my favorite.  The saying is to cook with what you would drink but I have no problem using wine that didn’t excite my palate.

I hope you will follow me and my adventures in food and wine.