Bread and Butter Pinot Noir

Thank you Food & Wine for your article on 15 Value Pinot’s You Can’t Miss (In Pursuit of the $20 Pinot) in the Oct 2016 issue.   I don’t know why I haven’t tried many Pinot Noirs but maybe like your article eluded too it is because it is a tricky grape for wineries to deal with and finding a delicious budget worthy bottle is challenging.


After reading the article, I decided I want to try a Pinot Noir.  Usually, I gravitate to full bodied reds but it is nice to try different variety and broaden one’s horizon.  Having every intention of purchasing one of the 15 bottles mentioned in the article I headed to the store.  Wouldn’t you know it—I forgot the article!!!

Luckily, the store had one that had great rating and was $14.99 (BARGAIN!!!). I bought a 2014 Bread and Butter Pinot Noir.


Tasting notes:  Right away I got cherry and blackberries with oak undertones followed by a peppery finish.  Very smooth with low low tannins.

This will not be my last Pinot Noir and now I have to go buy another bottle of this great find.

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My Favorite Wine: Amarone

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I don’t recall the first time I ever had an Amarone, but it is by far my favorite.

Amarone is from the Veneto region of Northern Italy and is considered as one of Italy’s best reds.  What I love is the sweet aroma followed by the intense full bodies flavor of cherries and plums with a smoky chocolate or coffee finish.  I have had different Amarones and some are more bold and full bodies than others but I thoroughly enjoy each and every one.

At an average price of $50-60 per bottle, many way wonder if it is worth the price tag.  I have to say I don’t always believe in high priced wines as I have found many great deals, but if you want to treat yourself or have an opportunity to try this incredible red, take advantage of it!

I have tried many different Amarones from $40-$100 and they have been worth the price.  Below are a couple I have had the chance to enjoy. The Alpha Zeta was lighter than other Amarones but still enjoyable.  Try with a steak, spicy tomato pasta dish, or another dish that can withstand the boldness of an amarone.  If drinking alone try with a piece of dark chocolate.

IMG_3334 IMG_3333 untitled (17)

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