My Favorite Wine: Amarone

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I don’t recall the first time I ever had an Amarone, but it is by far my favorite.

Amarone is from the Veneto region of Northern Italy and is considered as one of Italy’s best reds.  What I love is the sweet aroma followed by the intense full bodies flavor of cherries and plums with a smoky chocolate or coffee finish.  I have had different Amarones and some are more bold and full bodies than others but I thoroughly enjoy each and every one.

At an average price of $50-60 per bottle, many way wonder if it is worth the price tag.  I have to say I don’t always believe in high priced wines as I have found many great deals, but if you want to treat yourself or have an opportunity to try this incredible red, take advantage of it!

I have tried many different Amarones from $40-$100 and they have been worth the price.  Below are a couple I have had the chance to enjoy. The Alpha Zeta was lighter than other Amarones but still enjoyable.  Try with a steak, spicy tomato pasta dish, or another dish that can withstand the boldness of an amarone.  If drinking alone try with a piece of dark chocolate.

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